I have a couple of minor thoughts to share today. This will be a more lighthearted post than recent ones.

Star Wars

There exists on the internet a fan edit of Star Wars that undoes all the changes that Lucas made in his Special Edition of the original Star Wars trilogy. (This is necessary because Lucas (and now Disney) has done everything in his power to stop people from viewing the original. It’s not even available on DVD as far as I know.) I’m not a fan of the special edition. To be honest, I’m pretty much in the group of people who would shout out “Han shot first!” When I heard of this fan edit, I was excited to download it. But there’s a problem. Due to rather silly copyright laws in the States, it is actually technically illegal to watch it under any circumstances. Perhaps copyright laws need to change, but either way, I cannot view this film without sin. I deeply wrestled with this, and last week, a friend of mine helped me illegally acquire a copy of it to watch. I later got a conscience and deleted it without even watching it first. I gotta say though, this may be the geekiest confession my priest has heard in a long time.


Light and dark have powerful effects on me. Light rooms and even light colors make me happier and darkness makes me unhappy. Oddly, I like to be awake at night, but I also like to have bright lights on at that time. During the day, a sunny day will make me very happy and a cloudy day can put a burden on everything. (Perhaps, I should move away from Michigan!) Now this information can be valuable. Just recently, I changed my desktop wallpaper to show a beautiful church in the snow on a sunny day. The moment I changed my wallpaper to that, I was happier. Previously, due to a lost image file, I had no desktop wallpaper, only a black screen. Now with the brighter colors, my computer is a happier thing to look at. Good thing, because I look at it a lot.


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