Caffeine Update

My post on Caffeine was written a few days before it came out, so it’s been a while now. I wanted to give an update on how it’s going. Basically, it’s been very hard. Ultimately, I’ve been struggling to stay off the caffeine. I’ve managed to stay off the Mt. Dew, but I’ve had other forms of caffeine. I’ve had a Sunkist most days, and a couple days ago, I even had an energy drink. I just wanted to share this and say that it is not a total defeat. Like I said, I’ve not been drinking actual Mt. Dew. I’m still on less caffeine than I usually am. Conquering addiction is never easy. One nice thing is that I know I will be victorious. That is already set in stone. Ive conquered cigarettes. I know I can handle caffeine.


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