It seems rather obvious that before my last post, I had not posted in quite some time. The main reason for this is that I have been spending a lot of time rethinking my blog and what I wish to do with it.

I found that, over time, I seem to have established in my mind that I take the role of a teacher here. I am not sure this is wise. It seems a bit foolhardy for one to view himself as a great teacher. A friend of mine, who will be an ordained priest in a couple of months, seems to me to be a fantastic theologian, but when I asked him about his desire to contribute meaningfully to the theological dialogue of his Church, he wisely dismissed such notions as delusions of grandeur. If he contributes much, it will be not be from a stance of seeing himself as a great teacher. It will be from personal holiness and a perspective of humility. If he achieves those things, then perhaps God will bring forth from him something for the world to listen to.

I hope that I can teach some, but if I do this, it will be from a stance of humility. I am always learning. I want to share what I am learning from the perspective of an eternal student. I do not invent truths; I merely discover them when I am so fortunate.

I suppose in a lot of ways, this will be a change in wording. I will not speak as an authority, but rather I will speak as a student. I do hope that some can join me in my journey of learning and experiencing Recovery. I hope that some will share with me what they have learned in their own journey. I ask that you, my Gentle Readers, be so kind as to teach me. I believe that every human who ever existed can teach me a thing or two, if I merely listen.


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